Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle Lenses

We take great pride in our lenses at Allister & Simpson Opticians and have access to world leading manufacturers including Carl Zeiss, Essilor and Hoya. This ensures that the prescription result from our examinations are made up to the highest standards to ensure your vision is as clear and comfortable as possible. Our experienced and helpful team are here to help you make the right choice. Whether it’s tailoring your lenses to provide more protection in the sun, giving you a wider field of vision in a varifocal, setting your focus to a particular working distance or making your lenses as thin and light as possible, we will find the right lens for you. We understand that everyone’s eyes are unique and have different demands in their day to day life.

Single Vision, Bifocal, Occupational and Varifocal Lenses

Single vision: These lenses focus your vision at one particular distance, so they can be made up to correct for vision at long (for driving / everyday use / TV), Intermediate (for computer use) or near (reading) distances.

Bifocal: These provide two focuses, which are separated by a visible line divide on the lens. Usually, these lenses are set up with the main bulk of the lens for distance vision and a separate reading segment carved into the lens at the bottom. However, these spectacles can be tailor-made to suit the distances you require.

Occupational: These are a relatively new type of lens that have been designed specifically for computer use. They provide correction for patients who require clear near vision and intermediate vision from the same pair of spectacles. They have no visible line on the lens, but they are shaped to increase the strength of the lens towards reading at the bottom. This lens can improve comfort for computer users as it enables them to sit in a more natural position whilst on the screen, without having to lean forward to focus. If you are interested in this lens, it is important to measure how far away from the screen you are at work or home, so we can tailor the lens to the correct working distance.

Varifocal: These are the most optically advanced of all lenses and provide clear vision at any distances, with no visible lines on the lens. They provide a gradual transition from distance vision at the top of the lens, intermediate vision in the middle and near vision at the bottom. Due to how these lenses are manufactured, they do give the user some distorted vision at the edges of the lens. Over the last 5 years, varifocal lens manufacture has improved significantly and some of the most modern lenses greatly reduce the appearance of distorted vision at the edge. This new type, designed by Essilor, Carl Zeiss and Hoya, give the user clearer and more comfortable vision. Examples of these lenses include the Varilux X Series, Varilux E Series, Varilux Comfort, Zeiss Superb, Zeiss Individual, Hoya Summit Pro and Hoya ID Lifestyle. When deciding which varifocal lens is best for you there are many considerations, but our helpful team are always here to provide expert advice.

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Lens Extras

Lens thinning and material: If the thickness and weight of the lens is important, we can adjust this for you. Reducing the thickness of the lens may improve the cosmetic finish and a lighter lens may help to improve comfort. We also have polycarbonate lenses that provide fantastic impact resistance. These lenses are especially good for children and those who wear spectacles for sport.

Anti-scratch coating: This type of coating can be applied to your lens to provide more protection from minor abrasions.

Anti-reflective coating: This improves the cosmetic appearance of the lens because it eliminates any unwanted reflections, making the lens look clearer. It also helps reduce glare from oncoming headlights when driving at night.

Photochromic: These lenses automatically darken in the sun to give your eyes protection when they need it. At Allister Opticians we use Transition lenses, which are considered to be the best photochromic lenses available. They provide fantastic UV protection and react quickly when turning from clear to dark.

Polarised: These are tinted lenses that provide clearer vision than ordinary sunglasses because they filter out a lot more unwanted glare. They are brilliant for everyday sun protection, especially when near water or in snowy conditions.

Blue light protection: Some studies suggest that blue light emitted from digital devices may cause damage to the eyes and upset sleep patterns. With this in mind, we also provide lenses with this filter in place, giving some precautionary protection. Many users also say this coating improves visual comfort in brightly lit rooms.​

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